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Supply Chain Materials Manager

Supply Chain Materials Manager

Job Overview

Job Ref No.:1012
Job Title:Supply Chain Materials Manager
Job Type:Permanent
Experience RequiredMinimum 7 years relevant experience
Start Date30/11/2019

Job Description

Maximum salary 65,000

List the requirements necessary for a MINIMUM PROFICIENCY in the job under essential. (skills, knowledge and experience)
1. Extensive and in-depth manufacturing planning experience including master scheduling utilising computer based MRP systems such as JD Edwards
2. Degree or equivalent experience in Engineering or Business Systems
3. Experience of managing and influencing in a multi-million-pound business with external suppliers of finished goods and multiple manufacturing stages/products
1. Knowledge of JDE and Microsoft Office/Lotus Notes
2. Managed a planning and procurement team in a manufacturing environment
3. Managed an integrated external supply chain of finished goods with local manufacturing capability

Industry: Warehouse / Logistics / Shipping
Employment Type: Permanent Full Time
Salary: On Application
To create and execute the location material and production plans that ensure customer orders are delivered on-time to market leading leadtimes with minimal latebacklog; whilst increasing the profitability of business and maximising of the effective use of the business assets and resources.

Coordinating, monitoring (through layered audit) and support of the location procurement team to ensure continued support of the Divisional objectives of; customer service, profitable growth and improved financial performance.

The effective management of resources (particularly inventory) and leadership of people in the team under a ‘Lean umbrella’ is the key to success in this role and will lead to improved information accuracy and flow, faster response times, better delivery reliability, reducing inventory and enhanced profitability for the business.

It is absolutely critical that this role is effective in improving response times in the division, reducing latebacklog, improving LISC, improving the control and reduction of inventory, and improving the profitability of the business.

A general summary of the major activities and responsibilities (which represents the key tasks) of the jobholder.
(A sample of day-to-day actions.)

1. Maintain a complete understanding of the Master Schedule in order to influence the deployment of resources to meet customer order demand and the changes occurring through changes by the customer or due to equipment/material availability.

2. Working with the manufacturing and supply chain teams develop and implement plans to satisfy future capacity requirements ensuring continued cost effective satisfaction of customer orders and market leading leadtimes. This will include make v buy decisions and the stock holding policies, use of key tools such as PFEP; and the ownership of S&OP across all Barnstaple value streams.

3. Creation and maintenance of production plans including supplier capacity planning and performance monitoring.

4. Sequencing and loading of the production resources (teams, cells and machining centres) to ensure the maximisation of productive output and the on-time (to request date) satisfaction of customer orders; utilising Lean best practice, heijunka, epei etc.

5. Work with JDE ensuring that data is current and accurate such that the system can be used to provide accurate and timely information on which to base resource, external supply demand and material purchases

6. Work with Supply Chain Partners to ensure that suppliers have clear demands placed upon them based on capability and capacity and that changes to demand schedules are promptly communicated in order that materials and loads can be adjusted accordingly.

7. Working with the Supply Chain Partners develop and implement raw material requirements plans including the management of raw material kanban levels to ensure continued satisfaction customer on time delivery.

8. Ensure Kanban systems are in line with demand profiles such that out of stocks are truly exceptional and that inventory is managed within target and meets the needs of the business, both financially and operationally.

9. Through daily review manage the production variances to minimise the negative impact upon profitability.

10. Develop a customer led ethos, responsive to customer order demand changes as required, ensuring visibility and reliability of the schedule to enable accurate commitments to be made

11. Establish and maintain daily relevant operational reports to meet the business need, producing monthly summary reports to the required template with daily, weekly, monthly reporting as required- including plant flash reporting.

12. Develop and implement robust labour contingency plans for Value Stream planning team.

13.To provide project production plans for orders and quotations as required.

14.To create and maintain customer production plans as required.


All jobs are accountable for producing a range of outputs (end results).
List 6 to 8 outputs of the job.
Please describe what needs to be achieved (output) and what needs to be done to achieve it (action)
(What is done →to what →with what outcome. Examples: Recruit and train sales staff to provide a competent sales force, or
Manually Check recorded data against system to resolve variances.)

1. Establish strong interactive working relationships with other Operational and Divisional team members in order to ensure pro-active communication that enables others to take operational or supply chain decisions in support of Premier Customer Service, effective financial management and visibility of accurate and timely management information.

2. Through the effective management of resources (particularly inventory) and leadership of people in the team under a ‘Lean umbrella’ ensure improved information accuracy and flow, faster response times, better delivery reliability, reduced inventory and consequent enhanced profitability for the business.

3. Monitor the balance between capacity and current/projected demand and working closely with the operations team adjust resource levels to meet requirements. Ensure that adequate resources are available to meet the developing needs of the business through the development of a forecasting model utilising all ‘best information’.

4. Develop and utilise system tools and feedback from S&OP to assimilate and maintain a demand forecast as accurately as possible that will enable Division resource planning and coordination of procurement and supplier management to meet customer demands on time and within budget.

5. Through management of the Kanban, Safety stocks, EDC stocking profiles and inventory control resource ensure that optimum stock levels are achieved with minimal out of stock and an active programme to manage slow moving or excess inventory

6. Ensure through appropriate training, development and feedback that the Value Stream planning team members achieve their full potential and contribute to the various programmes using Lean techniques and are encouraged to be committed, enthusiastic contributors.

7. The elimination of late backlog as measured at the PSC, LISC and RSL are key measures of success for customer service.

8. Value Stream Service, late backlog, absorption, production variances, inventory $’s, DSI and leadtime are key measures of effective financial performance.

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